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I get really bad bloating after eating.

Last Updated: Jun 03, 2014 11:57AM MDT
Either you have H. Pylori, candida (yeast/fungus) and low stomach acid, which kind of all go hand in hand. First, if you eat anything made with grains or sugar, like bread,pasta, crackers, cereal, pastries or any sweet foods, you will bloat because these foods feed yeast. Breads, starches and grains turn into sugar in your system, and when you add sugar to yeast (just like in cooking)- BOOM- it expands like crazy and now you have out of control Candida yeast growing in your gut, which eventually spreads throughout your body and turns into fungus. It also gets into your stomach, lowering the acid (your body's first line of defense), and allows H. Pylori bacteria to grow. This nasty bacteria screws into your stomach walls and starts excreting ammonia, which neutralizes stomach acid, making the stomach more hospitable to live in for bacteria, fungus, parasites, yeast and who knows what. Low stomach acid also means food is not fully digesting, which means poor nutrient absorption, and rotting fermenting food posioning your body with toxins, making you tired, sick and miserable. Learn more with the Candida and Stomach ebooks.

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