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I’m doing the raw food diet, but feel terrible, nausea, headache

Last Updated: Jun 03, 2014 11:51AM MDT
You are not cleansing (enemas or colonics) like I said in the book. Most people think they can heal by what goes in their mouth. When you go do a super clean raw food diet, or juicing, your body starts detoxing big time. Sixty trillion cells start dumping 30 years of toxic crap into your blood stream and your elimination system can't handle it all. It backs up and you can become really sick- UNLESS you help your body get rid of it. The best way by far is enemas, and I don't mean those stupid little disposable ones from the drug store- I mean the half gallon rubber hot water bottle filled with warm water with a tube stuck in your butt. Instructions are in my book and also here.

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